Friday, April 06, 2007

Fog Machines and Laser Rays


New York:
But of course, it's the Pull Out Method party featuring Bear Hands, with all-night accompaniment from who else but DJs Apt One and Skinny Friedman of Philadelphyinz fame. Basically, we're gonna shred the shit. Club Midway, 25 Ave B and 3rd St. $5 to see the band, free after 1.

There are two bands playing that are really appealing to white people and also people with bad haircuts (and good haircuts too, I guess). Xiu Xiu is playing at the First Unitarian Church and Vietnam is playing at Johnny Brenda's. Since neither is new to the game, my indie-rock ignorant ass has heard both bands. I remember Vietnam from the old Vice samplers that used to come with the magazine back in like 02 or 03. I think they're both pretty decent, but they don't have any used dollar bin twelve inches out, so they're not really on my radar.


The Philadelphia Film Festival is always the shit. My favorite film festival memory has to be the time a small-time local news anchor from the WB or something introduced the film Breath Control, a beat-boxing documentary. This must have been in '02 or '03 because I recall the film having been recommended to me by the pre-FreeDarko Bethlehem Shoals, who lived in Philly at the time. I think a friend of his made the film. Long story short, the guy comes out on stage to introduce the film and he is presented as JoeBlow Something-or-other from WB news and the thirty or forty people in attendence clapped half-heartedly. For some reason that is to this day uncertain, I booed him lustily. Dos started cracking the fuck up. Newsboy got shook pretty bad, quickly introduced the film and then bolted. The Film Festival Schedule can be found here.

The film festival opens Friday, but Friday's schedule is all packed up there.

Edit: Also (how could I have forgotten?), Saturday marks the 77th anniversary of the end of prohibition, so get completely shitty...because it's legal! (Seen via Philadelphia Will Do)

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