Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dave Parker: American Hero

Today's subjects for discussion: Irrationality, fatalism.

Pirates' Magic Number: 156.

The Pirates are currently 4-3 and in a tie for first in the NL Central with the Reds. Having pulled out their first sweep in Houston since maybe the Thatcher administration, the optimism is almost nearly a little palpable (despite the fact that the annual depantsing by the Cardinals commenced yesterday). Pirates fans are sure to ask the burning question: could this be the start of a losing streak totalling nine or more games? Actually, that's the right question to ask. Unless everybody has a career year, the Pirates aren't going to win dick any time soon.

Meanwhile, over here in the big grimy, the Phillies have fans in an absolute panic, having started out of the gate a less-than-blistering 1-6, prompting fans to write break-up letters and demand that Jeff Garcia play 3rd.

If the averages hold, the Phillies should finish last in the NL and the Pirates appear headed for an end-of season playoff with the Reds to determine the NL Central Champion. Jack Wilson will hit something like 40 bunt singles and Xavier Nady will stay in fans good graces past May. Fair prediction?

On a side note, I just realized that I got pummeled in my fantasy matchup last week because Victor Martinez and Raul Ibanez (of Cleveland and Seattle, respectively) had all their fucking games SNOWED OUT. I just kept looking at the schedule like "aw great, two double-headers today, I'm gonna get some stats!" Cleveland has finally moved it's fucking games to Milwaukee (true story).