Monday, April 09, 2007

Burnin' up

Oh lord. It's most certainly WTF day over here at Just Sayin.

-OhWord "finds" Cam's Rhyme Book. This is perhaps the greatest piece of orignial rap/art/blog work since their Wu-Tang diorama set or FreeDarko's visual lexicon. Ever want to see the high school journal of a charicatured Killa Cam? Ever wonder which pinks he like and which pinks he hates? Do you think he'll let Hell Rell see his design for a super awesome Camborghini prototype? Does he dot the "i" in Jim Jones with a heart? (of course he does). [Brain goes kapow]

-I'm not really sure whether "Clutch Hopkins" is an awesome viral marketing campaign for a major West Coast producer or label, or whether it's an awesome viral marketing campaign for the kid who's about to be a major West Coast producer or label head. In case you haven't heard, Clutch Hopkins is allegedly a scraggly ass bol who lives in a Cali bum stylee and makes beats under old Doom a cappellas. He only interacts through intermediaries and has about a 15% chance of being real, if you ask me.

Either way, Idolator interviews some dude who claims to know "Clutch Hopkins", and it goes something like this:
How do you respond to skeptics who claim Clutchy doesn't exist?
People are skeptical because they think he's too good to be true. Most people have low expectations nowadays. Clutchy's so fresh, they have trouble believing in him.
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Clutch Hopkins is clearly...Gerard.

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