Friday, March 30, 2007


The entire ATHF movie is apparently going to air on Sunday on Cartoon Network. I have neither VCR nor cable. I do, however, have a blog, wherein I can solicit volunteers to tape it for me. Holler at your boy. (Seen via The Clog)


-Like I said last time, the Phawker Phillies musical season preview is up, but it's so good that once it fades onto page two or three, I'll repost it here.

-XXL's Billy Sunday has officially joined the fraternity of "How can that be right" along with many of his current and past stablemates. I was gonna repost some choice (e.g. not choice) quotes from his latest paean to the fair sex Hip Hop's Next Top Whore, but frankly, it's just too nasty for Skinny's weak stomach. Let's just say the phrases "mileage on her twat," "golden showers" and "colon walls" make an appearance, in an entirely serious way.

Now, I don't mind a post where you talk about chicks you want to dig out, but this is next level grimy for anything short of a skin mag. The comments section is a general collection of some "hell yeah, i secretly masturbated to this post. Good work!" sort of stuff, but I get the feeling Tara Henley is looking through her workplace harrassment manual as we speak.

And now, once again from the file of IS...THIS...RACIST!?!?!?! (answer: yes)

We have a submission from our recent contributor Dos:
Now I am far too tired to weigh in on Greater Suburbia's attitude toward American History and the role of race in American society. I will say this though. C-Rayz Walz, a brillaint musician and thinker coined the term "blackface routine" in reference to shoddy treatment he received at the hands of racist white people unused to confronting anyone of a different color or ethnicity. The term can only be successfully coined in the face of extreme stupidity, the type of situation that makes one say WOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! Some idiots from West Windsor New Jersey have really raised the bar on teen idiocy in America. Unfortunately these kids are almost definitely going to grow up to be as stupid as their parents. If I held them in the air by their throats for a bit I still don't think they would really understand what is so annoying about this. So in the vein of rapping Rove I give you:

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