Monday, March 26, 2007

New era

OK, so blogs are on TV. The universe should explode any minute now. Watch as Jamie Mottram of Fanhouse and Mr. Irrelevant and Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog show why they have faces for radio and voices for see why this is insane? But it's great. Here's part 1 wherein our blood over at gets a TV mention:

I dunno, TV as a medium is not well suited to a big string of inside jokes- but that only stands as a barrier to the show's success, not my enjoyment of it.

By the way, still no word from the Cold Warrior over at Mondesi's House. If you'll recall, earlier today we scooped him on a big Spanish language story about his blog's totemic spirit animal. Perhaps it's been a big day of trading authenticated jersey swatches for pictures of busted chicks with beered up athletes. It remains to be seen whether our tipster submission will be rewarded with a link or a bobblehead with a cherry bomb in it.

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