Friday, March 30, 2007

legal hustle

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Just a message to the Feds watchin JS2K headquarters down the block in the Fed Ex truck. I SEE YOU LESTER. On the real, I still had to resort to alternative means to obtain To Serve And Collect because the bitch wouldn't work in the laptop (ayo).

Anyways, here are some photos from the Def Jux extravaganza last week, which apparently went over much better than the same show in LA. There are still some annoying "rappy" aspects to the aesthetic--Mr. Dibbs' scratch solo and mosh-pit are so fucking tired anyways and he knows it--but El-P has really made a place for Def Jux as the voice of rap in the genreless indie forefront. He didn't need a TVOTR collaboration to make that explicit. Aesop Rock looks a lot like my brother.

P-Yinz was ridonk last weekend also, with the nice weather and whatnot. Visual evidence here.

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