Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fuck you Thanks for not stealing, Kansas City

Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has just...left...the building

Penguins reach arena deal!

The details aren't all on the table, but let's hope it's a good deal for the Penguins, the City and the Hill.

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Edit: Perhaps the title of this post is a little too harsh, because I just went over to the KC Penguins message board and everybody there is taking it very well and congratulating Pens fans on their save. Case in point:
Congrats to the Penguins fans of the wonderful city of Pittsburgh. Your gov't officials came through with that 11th hour save. Here's to the future of your franchise where they belong, in Pittsburgh.
Super Pens Fan
My first impulse is to say something jestfully insulting...while crossing the street against a light and bitching about city government. I guess I'm just a dickhead East Coaster.

[MyKCPenguins: Pens are staying thread]

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