Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fog Machines and Laser Rays

Gettin' at you early this week because this weekend starts on Thursday for real:


Paradise at Key West
As always, the illest in electro bangers, mind melting italo et al. Mike T. is in Europe, so homeboys Stepchild and Operant77 handle the wheels. Keep in mind, the place has an angled-panel rotary mixer, so you gotta be a menace on the decks.
Open Bar 10-11. No cover. Juniper btw. Walnut and Locust.

Across the way at Sal's, there's a special Broadzilla featuring Bonde de Role, Plastic Little and others, including a special guest, who you can probably identify if you really think about it. This show was supposed to be at Danger Danger in West Philly, but you seriously can't put more than 35 people in there- it's a fucking basement.
9-2, $5. 12th and Walnut.


WestWax presents Nobody's Dirty Business in a balls-out warehouse stylee. The West Philly DJ collective founded by yours truly (and others) is jumping off in a new, recently renovated warehouse space featuring a super nice sound system, VIP room and an upper level. The party starts at 9PM and goes all night. But wait- here's the linuep:

Kyle Miller (Bleached Black, Intensified), Apt One (Philadelphyinz), Kenny Raw (Tech Support), Operant77 (Tech Support), Andrew Gaspar (Bleached Black), JJC (West Wax), Stepchild (Paradise, Disconnect), Honky Lips (WestWax), Sebastian Petsu (WestWax)


PhilafunkLive (8 N. Preston St.- btw. 40th and 41st off Market, El to 40th St). 9PM-??. $5, BYOB.


?uestlove of the Roots at Fluid, 4th and South. $7 cover.

UPDATE: Phawker's Phillies Musical Season Preview has just gone live.

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