Thursday, March 01, 2007

Exclusive turbosayin

Tom Breihan has weighed in on the Scott Storch/ Timbaland feud-slash-comedy-routine and notes a fact that we neglected to mention the other day in our leaked memo: Scott Storch cannot rap and he made a dis track. The first line of his rapping career rhymes "piano man" with "billion." I guess Timbo isn't exactly the best producer on the mic either, but then again the phrase "best producer on the mic" has a "saddest clown in the circus" kind of implication to it.

Anyway, that's not the big story. The big story is that yours truly, Mr. GentleWhoadie9000 has remixed Timbaland's Give It To Me and you can hear it first and cop it first here:

Timbaland- Give It To Me f. Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake (Apt One's Legion Remix)

For DJs who may want it at higher quality- holler.

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