Wednesday, March 14, 2007

cuz you not

I had a few words with El-P last week and now you can read them over at Can I Bring My Gat. We mostly talked about how dude fits into the current musical climate, and whether or not he cares. He also says there will be no sophomore Can Ox album, which made me tear up like a little bitch.

I saw buckwild Norweigans 120 Days and buckwild Canadians Shout Out Out Out Out, as well as those adorable Brits The Pipettes. And P-Yinz got down as always.

Pix over here:
120 Days and Shout Out Out Out Out, Southpaw 3/9/07
Philadelphyinz, Medusa 3/10/07
The Pipettes, Luna Lounge 3/11/07

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