Sunday, March 18, 2007

Change gon' come

Manny Ramirez: cornfield tourist, spring trainee

Congratulations to our partners in guilt/potatoes/red hair/corned beef, the Irish for another seamlessly sloppy St. Pat's Day. Our holidays never prompt any nationwide celebration, just feigned interest about matzo, blood libels and numbers of presents.

But the reason I'm feelin' good has nothing to do with smooth, heady draught stout, it's all about the other seasonal diversions- the NCAA tournament (4th in my pool), the tightening NHL playoff races, Spring Training and the restrained tease of titty weather as it gives the east coast two-day teasers before providing ample reason for them boobies (no Rick Ross) to hibernate another day.

For some reason, spring birthday folk like myself all seem to share the same sentiment.

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