Sunday, March 18, 2007


Jurassic 5 calls it quits, non-hip-hop-fan hip-hop fans "fucking shocked!"

J5 made my 1999-2000 much more enjoyable. It's unfortunate that they were the subject of a hostile takeover by a venture capital group fronted by Dave Matthews and subsidary Bob Marley Enterprises, LLC. They became synonymous with dilettante rap fans and also entirely inescapeable. A google search for J5 actually turns up pictures of that fiddler dude Boyd Tinsley.

J5 had their time- they had fantastic production and emcees who were competent and pleasant if inoffensive. But as went backpack rap, so went J5... into antiquity...and now, five years later, they have apparently broken up. It's like a little bit of 1999 just died inside me (no Prince). But fear not, since J5 are (were?) the Eagles of rap, we have only about a decade to hold out before the Hell Freezes Over the Concrete Schoolyard reunion, broadcast live on VH1.2 "The Deuce."

Questions for classroom discussion:

-Does this mean Chali 2na will have time to work with Ozomatli again? He spent a lot of time writing nice rhymes for them only to take them out at inopportune times, pretending they were "freestyles" (see: Sway & King Tech's Wake Up Show Vol. 1).

-Who gets to keep that turntable made out of a tree stump?

-Does this mean that Power in Numbers was just a clever name instead of a statement of principles?

-Who will stand up now to tell the adult alternative and college crowds about the dangers posed by Shiny Suit Syndrome?

A nation yearns for a simpler time

I found this news out rather circuitously. Rizoh posted about it this morning, he heard it announced by J5 on the BBC but apparently the news had leaked in late February but nobody noticed.

As a fitting postmortem, here is an MS Paint J5 logo made by a French website when they couldn't find a real one for their record review:

I think that about sums it up.

Edit: I guess J5 and Dave Matthews Band made a track together. OK, that explains/confirms a lot of what I just said.

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