Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Whoadie got skates- Sweet release

For the first time since, I dunno, 2001, a Pittsburgh team whose name does not rhyme with Peelers or Kneelers has decided that the trade deadline is just too late to bail out on the season, trade all proven players and miss the playoffs. Usually a trading deadline is a signal to a Pittsburgh fan that it's time to bitch about the Rangers/Yankees/Red Wings/Red Sox. Congratulations Pittsburgh Penguins, you're good enough, you're smart enough, and doggone it, people like you.

I wish I could say the same for the Pirates, but they seem to think that buying a week of decent PR with a steriods-era veteran washup is going to cut it. Speaking of which, did you know that Barry Bonds' feet grew 2.5 shoe sizes and 10 jersey sizes in his time with the Giants? Fuck.

I just hope that after years of stupid allocations of public money to various blackmailing private companies (read: sports teams) for things like 65,000 seat stadiums that get used 10 times a year we finally build them a goddamn arena. It's a shame the casino initiative didn't do the trick, because that was a stupid idea too- they might as well have made it serve some positive purpose.

As for the actual trades- meh. Gary Roberts is so fucking old that they might as well have drafted his old teammate from Calgary captain Lanny McDonald, who had one of the great moustaches in recorded history (seriously, look at the photo, it will stun you). As for Laraque, I know he's tough and has a propensity to stage fights. I played in college with a guy from Montreal named Djata who had played against Laraque and apparently dude is fierce and all, but I really see a decreasing need for enforcers in the NHL unless they are completely integral to your other gameplans. There is also now a greater chance that G. Ryin (who works at the Igloo) will get mistaken for Laraque instead of the usual Larry Fitzgerald.

[PG: Roberts, Laraque to Penguins]

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