Tuesday, February 20, 2007

trap muzik

High fives to Jody Rosen for basically proving my point in last week's article on hyphy in Slate. Aside from the typical rockist blather ("here's why this rap is different from the rap you're afraid of!"), Rosen spends the bulk of the article defining terms and extoling the virtues of going dummy retarded for the civic good. The music itself gets glossed over. Far and away the best part of the article is where dude proclaims "we're just one breakthrough hit away from a hyphy takeover", after a good year of My Ghetto Report Card reviews proclaiming the movement already failed to take off. It's a little disturbing how excited Rosen is to see rappers dancing again, not only for the racist undertones, but also because his argument is bolstered by two three-year-old singles by New York emcees who have since seen those glory days shit on by "Chicken Noodle Soup" and the snap movement.

The sound of what you don't believe still true.

Dude also amusingly seperates hyphy rappers from Clipse and Jeezy by writing off the latter for "pretend[ing] to be coke kingpins". While this is partially Rosen's fault for not understanding basic slang (YAY AREA???), it also reveals a brilliant facet to the Hyphy Marketing Plan which I hadn't even considered: by moving the action from the corner to the party, America's urban crime problem magically disappears. If you buy an album by anyone on Hyphy Hitz, that illusion breaks down quickly, but the singles are all turf dancing and ghostriding and stunner shades. I guess there's nothing wrong with that, but it means a whole lot of grandstanding articles about rap being fun again, starting with Rosen.

Godfathers of hyphy.

Just sayin.


Anyways all I'm doin these days is listening to Tortoise, workin on the upcoming P-Yinz tape and waiting for the US to attack Iran. Apparently only inane articles that run a year let get me to actually post.

But while rap is a freakin ghostridetown, !!!'s Myth Takes, Menomena's Friend and Foe, Malajube's Trompe l'Oeil and In Flagranti's Wronger Than Anyone Else are all keeping the iPod warm. (His name is Magnus Samuelson III: The Rebirth. Get somewhat familiar.)

And indie rap is pretty much ok; Brother Ali's The Undisputed Truth and El-P's I'll Sleep When You're Dead don't disappoint.

Oh please head over to Mondesi's House,our partners in beef. We linked you so our humble readers wouldn't have to take our word for it about you playing yourselves. For the latest in five-day-old videos from Deadspin and College Humor, Mondesi's Jawn is the spot. Welcome to the interweb!!!!!!

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