Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Space trash

Unless you have been trapped underneath a pile of white people for three weeks, you probably know that Nas has dropped three remixes of Where Are They Now - versions 80s, 90s and West Coast- (peace to Rizoh on the zshare). Nas seems to have been collecting those "Have You Seen Me" postcards from the mail, saving the ones with rappers on them and then chasing them down, dogcatcher style. Hold tight for the 2000s remix (no Billy Sunday) featuring Vordul Megillah and the one guy from Black Eyed Peas. I think they should have put Too $hort on all three, but I digress.

Not to be outdone by Nas, Weed Carriers has dropped Where Are They Now- Weed Carriers Remix, paying homage to many of the great bag handlers of recent memory. Dice R.A.W. makes an appearance, but doesn't garner any extra credit for his former juvie green handling status- maximum perks, minimum punishment. Mike Zoot shows up too. No word if he has a collection of used copies of Superrappin or Heavy Beats, but I think it's safe to say he's got a few rooms full. If it takes Pharoahe Monche five years to get a post-Rawkus album to press, Mike Zoot must be eating Ramen hard-earned by erroneous downloads meant for Mike Ladd.

Dos-Noun often tells me stories of rappers he encounters during his European tours. I'll hear about Afu-Ra finding the one province in some European country where his brand of "real-hippen-hoppen" still sells, usually on account of legalized cannibus or, in his case, a fetish for Japanimated rappers wearing drapes doing drunken karate on stage- "the body of the life force is so...fucked up right now." Mr. Eon sells real estate on 2nd and Chestnut and can't explain himself to his coworkers. Often times I ask myself, "What is Jeru tha Damaja doing right now?"

In a related story, I went to the audiologist today to get my ears checked (on account of fierce tinnitus) and get some slick earplugs for musician types like myself. I knew I was in good hands because these guys had an autographed 8x10 of All-4-One in the waiting room. [Head Explosion] Talk about "Where are they now." So many questions with this one. Their wikipedia page says they're from California, how did they end up at a Philly audiologist? Did all of them go to the doctor together? Did they get a referral from the guy in Boyz II Men with the cane?

[unkut: Where Are They Now- Weed Carriers Remix]
[The Rap Up: Where Are They Now Remix (80s and West Coast)]
[The Rap Up: Where Are They Now Remix (90s)]

P.S. I'm open to hear some suggestions for 2000s Where Are They Now candidates.

Update: According to sohhNYC, Nas has some interest in turning this whole Where Are They Now thing into a reality show, but not on some "what happens when Roxanne Shante has to share a bathroom with Rah Digga" shit. He actually thinks these people need to be talked to. That is so 1994. Do click the link though, because it contains the text of The Source's 5 mic review of Illmatic. Makes me yearn for simpler times.

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