Monday, February 12, 2007

Ronnie Hudson, eat your heart out

Greetings from California. That's right, it's February and I AM BLOGGING OUTSIDE. I would prefer if you didn't point out the irony. Anyway, this is only the second time I've been this far west, and I have a few thoughts to share about good ol' Cali.

-The fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the governor of California isn't nearly as bizarre until you are forced to actually think about it in the context of everyday life like "Arnold Schwarzenegger is really sleepin' on that sales tax reduction." Seriously.

-$0.99 avocadoes are ill.

-I have been spending some time looking around for people to be mad at and I can't really find any. That actually pisses me off. People look pretty healthy, well dressed and pleasant. Assholes. In fact, I get a little pissed off when people don't assert themselves at stopsigns and don't cut each other off- I guess I'm pretty high strung. People also can't walk correctly here.

-Like some cities on the east coast, there are cameras which take a picture of your car when you run a red light. Here, they have to match your picture from the incident to the one on your license in order to ticket you. I'm borrowing somebody else's car, so what happens if I run a light?

-People on the east coast are unhealthy but more stylish.

-Most teenagers here look like they could be in the Pack if they were just a little more self-aware and a little less white.

-Some Euro dude may take issue with me on this, but it's kind of unsettling going from the east coast to the west where pretty much everything was built after WWII and therefore looks like uninspired shit. No basements? What the fuck is that? I haven't even seen any Deco, which was the last tolerable architecture style. How come we can't make anything that looks good any more?

-Philly is the shit. Hater 'til the end!!!

Other shits:

-Our homeboy Jayson has a column in the PW, and you better believe he's blackity black, y'all.

-The Avalanches, who have been incarcerated or on a secret agent mission or something since the release of their absolutely mind-bending LP Since I Left You have resurfaced. Discobelle got ahold of some of their new shit, predictably, it's fucking awesome. It has a very dance-pop feel- less Shadow-esque than Since I Left You. Given The Avalanches vast resevoir of creativity and talent, I can see them absolutely owning clubs in 2007 if they so choose.

Skinny and I have talked about our advantages as club DJs who came of age in the era of crate-digging and rap, when you had to be skilled, knowledgeable and shrewd to get in the door. Guys like Cosmo Baker or Klever fall into the same category- they are adaptable and seasoned. The Avalanches have elite-level old-school chops on production, so they have the inside track to the takeover. Peep it:

Ray of Zdarlight (zshare from Discobelle)

-XXL's newbie Billy Sunday came on after Sickamore had a wild meltdown over Jamele Hill's take on the Darrent Williams shooting. Now he (Sunday that is) has gotten comfortable and turned in his best piece so far. He uses the Grammys as a starting point to explore the unrealistic marketing expectations in rap. Perhaps the volume of street material "necessary" to stay in the game is killing the game by diluting it. Hmmmm.

By the way, the real Billy Sunday had a mad interesting life, even if he was a crazy-ass evangelical charlatan.

-Roy Hobbs raise up: Pirates pitchers and catchers report on Thursday. Maybe this will be the year we win the big one don't suck donkey balls. Here is your rundown of Pirates-related internet resources:

Where Have You Gone Andy Van Slyke- Pat is a very sharp up and comer in the blog game

Bucco Blog
- The best SABRmetric Pirates resource, with complex analysis and projections

Pittsburgh Lumber Co.- Home of the Pirates roundtable, where the writers of the aforementioned sites converse over the issues of the day

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