Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Just Sayin Pentagon Papers- Storch vs. Timbaland

GentleWhoadie9000: we need to write an entry about how rediculous scott storch looks and how he made the astute point that timb's neck looks like a "pack of franks"

GW9K: dude is great
Skinny: "his clothing/lifestyle steez scream ancient rome"
granted timbo's been making the same two beats for three years now
GW9K: true
but he picked a good one to make over and over
Skinny: well he sort of goes through phases
but his fast shit all sounds exactly like "headsprung"
the new redman
the track from the game album
(the first one)
the slow shit's all on some beatbox rave jam
whatever he kills it
GW9K: re: that picture- it's one thing to photoshop your head onto something, it's another thing to photoshop your pallid legs feat. shower sandals
ed: photo also includes sock tan
Skinny: scott storch aka corinthian scott
GW9K: but seriously, every picture of him i've ever seen- it looks like he's dressed up as himself for halloween. dude needs to stop trying so hard and just wear some fucking jeans
his whole life looks like a themed bar mitzvah
timb alternately looks like he's "trying to be hard" or "suprised to hear that there is cake"

Skinny: timbo frequently looks surprised about smoething
of course when he opens hi mouth
all i hear is
boom boom click
beep beep beep beep
GW9K: kind of like when brian eno opens his mouth and you think that somebody is running their finger around the mouth of a crystal glass
Skinny: exactly like that
but on the real storch just looks like some frontin ass kid in your hebrew school class from mt lebanon
GW9K: remember orthodox east?
kind of like that
Skinny: what was that?
i don't think i ever saw them
they just got clowned real heavy in my presence
GW9K: it was kind of like the humble beginnings of a less talented group of scott storches
like "i'm the best baller in the whole JCC, where do i go from here but up?"
Skinny: i know where you're going
GW9K: only up means wearing your shower sandals in a pumpkin colored bathrobe
Skinny: straight to the dude with the oxys
GW9K: yeah
Skinny: pillz 'n' sandals

[Scratch: Scott Storch Timbo Diss- Streamed]
[Chazblog: Timbaland beats including Give It To Me (ed: that track is fucking fire)]

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