Wednesday, February 14, 2007

IS THIS RACIST? (indie rock edition)

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Above is the cover of the Village Voice from a few weeks back, featuring the results of their annual Pazz and Jop critics poll. Bob Dylan's Modern Times apparently beat out TV On The Radio's beloved Vanilla Ghost House Return to Cookie Mountain in the ratings. The Voice decided to celebrate his victory with a graphic of Shylock running over Bipster Santa Claus on one of those daytime-tv scooters.

While the assertion that Bob Dylan could put out a better more important more #1-on-a-critics-poll-worthy album than the OG Williamsburg hipster posse is the biggest problem with the graphic, one of the myriad dudes in Antibalas also thinks it's racist.

So mull on that, folks. But while you do, consider the source: a self-proclaimed floutist from a world music group.

(just kidding. Antibalas are dope.)


In other, non-racist indie rock news, the Arcade Fire opened their five night residency at a downtown church last night. Tickets sold out faster than you can say "Crown of Love" almost instantaneously for all five nights, which raises the question: how many consecutive nights would they have to schedule before they'd stop selling out?

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