Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Don't hold no blocks

Fun with Wikipedia

Barry Zito
His page appears to have been written by some sort of stalker. Did you know his uncle was the dad from Step By Step? Now you do. Talk about being informed against your will, I just wanted to see what his record was last year.

Kufi Smacking
Yup, it has a wikipedia page. And yes, it's autistic as fuck.

Dos Noun
Who wrote this, and why do they think Skinny was a Jewel Thief? This will probably get taken down, but let it be known that the riot at Apollo Night at Allderdice High School is the truth- I was there. Considering this shit tells me about Dan's height, how come it doesn't mention he wrote for Just Sayin, or that he lived in my apartment? Somebody's fallin' off.

Raul Mondesi
It is unknown if substantial portions of this entry were written by Mondesi's House, but it is in need of a link to the "kufi smacking" wiki page. Anybody want to buy an autographed Just Sayin bobblehead?

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