Wednesday, February 21, 2007

don't blow my high

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Seems extra mean to give a dude with a lazy eye pink eye, but also extra hilarious! Hey Stu, you know what'll clear that right up? THAT PURPLE.

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credit goes to Deadspin for the flix. t-minus eight days until it comes up at Mondesi's House.


In other news, Explosions In The Sky played an impressive, if soporific show at the Society for Ethical Culture's concert hall last night. If you dint know, they did the score for the movie Friday Night Lights, and accordingly they had a dude with a flat-top run on stage and tear his ACL. Just kidding. Anyways, I never thought I'd describe a show as "grueling" and not mean in it a bad way, but "grueling in a good way" is all I really got. The set was an hour, give or take, and it was a continuous piece in one time signature and one key. Entirely modular. The band openly encouraged us to shut our eyes and enjoy the music, and thusly I fell asleep at least four times. But the experience was unique.

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