Thursday, February 08, 2007

Delphi and bourbon

He emerges- the oracle, black and gold Yoda- levitating flatbeds stacked with Iron City high above the swampy River Mon.

People often forget that Myron Cope is one of America's greatest living sportswriters. Before he was Pittsburgh's drunken, avian-voiced zeitgeist in the Steelers broadcast booth, he was writing some of Sports Illustrated's canonical pieces. However, he persevered as the shitfaced William Hung of sports broadcasting for so long that most have forgotten how eloquent he can be.

Give a read to Myron's public statement imploring Mario Lemieux to keep the Penguins in Pittsburgh. He heaps the history on Lemieux's head and reminds him that no matter how great his is/was, Mario ain't nothin' but a young buck compared to Cope.

[Post-Gazette: Hey Mario, I'll Worsh Your Dick in Tabasco if Yinz Move 'Dem Pens]

[Wikipedia: Myron Cope]

[Arlin's Myron Cope Sounds]- an absolute "must visit" for non-Pittsburghers. Once you've visited this link, you'll understand completely and fully why Burnso and I named our DJ tag-team the Myron Cope Experience and why there is no god football team but god the Steelers.

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