Wednesday, February 28, 2007

808s for the seeds

It's well known that I've had it out with Diplo in the past- 2 years ago we had a dust-up over a cancelled show and related load of money. Things kind of smoothed out when we shared a stage on Halloween, 2005 (photos of me in a pumpkin costume, Burnso and Dewey mixing martinis found here). Needless to say, we've never really been chummy despite mutual acquintances and friends.

However, I gotta go out of my way to big up Wes for something I just heard over at FiftyOneFiftyOne: Wes is stomping through the Australian outback and giving away all sorts of music equipment to aboriginal kids donated by sponsors he secured. Big up Wes.

Side note:
Come on out to Sal's tonight- I'm DJing with JJC in a Center City version of our old "Hump Day Parties." No cover.

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