Monday, February 05, 2007

40 days and 40 nights

In today's edition of JS2000 Theology Corner, we'd like to ask for some sagely input from some of the many many clergymen who regularly read this blog to, uh, keep up on their rap music. We have some deep and existential troubles stemming from last night's Super Bowl game, which was full of seemingly irreconcilable moments which may shake our faith to its very foundations.

First, since Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith are both unabashed men of the LordTM, how come Tony Dungy wins (clearly due to the LordTM's favor, as he correctly attributed post-game) but Lovie Smith loses? How can a GodTM be equal parts benevolent and cruel, all the while crusading against our enemies in Iraq and San Francisco?

Second, since football is the LordTM's game, how come the Super Bowl was clothed in a thrust by the homosexual enemies of almighty GodTM? Cirque du Soleil- Sodomites. Prince- traipsing about in garments meant for womenfolk. Snickers- a pawn of the evildoers, possibly al-Qaida, definately Democrat. Danielle Manning, Chevrolet. Where does it end?


P.S. Lovie Smith does not dance.

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