Monday, January 22, 2007

Rooney: "I rep Minnesota"

Welcome to your future, Pittsburgh.

Mike Tomlin to coach the 'Lers. Can't say I am super surprised. He's a defense guy, he's under 40 years of age (34 actually) and most importantly, he was the dark-horse candidate like Cowher was. People (myself included) think they know so much about football because they watch it on TV, but the Rooneys, they know a thing or two about football. I basically take their word as gospel here.

A few things are gonna be different. Tomlin is a 4-3 guy, not a 3-4 guy, so that probably means LeBeau is out. I like the 3-4 zone blitz, and I like LeBeau, but I know that there's no sense making a half-assed change. Grimm is likely gone as well. Uh-oh Pittsburgh, change. No! Not Change!!!!

P.S. I was gonna say something about Tomlin looking like Omar Epps, but as I was searching for a second picture, I realized Deadspin had already done this, although they did it in yesterday's false alarm of a post. So let me be the first to make an OFFICIAL announcement that Mike Tomlin looks like Omar Epps. Tomlin is not related to Mike Epps.

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