Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Period lace

I've been resisting the new blogger platform (I fear change) but now I've been forced to, so welcome back...to me...to us. Thanks to everybody who didn't tell anybody I was actually in withdrawl from an ether binge.

Here is some bullshit from the internet:

-Lost in the shuffle of weekend football, MLK day and an off-the-chain spectacular at Philadelphyinz 2 @ Medusa Lounge was the death of jazz pianist Alice Coltrane. Coltrane had only recently begun to be appreciated in her own right as a musician. She was 69. Pound for Pound has some choice AC mp3s and Jazz Police has an obit.

-SilverBird returns to freedarko from his eighty day mission aboard the lunar orbiter to obliterate Wages of Wins- Isaiah Thomas, get out your calculator.

-According to the UN, 34,452 Iraqi civilians were liberated killed in 2006. Your tax dollars and votes, hard at work.

-Unless you pay close attention to baseball, there's no reason you would know that the Nutting (a-yo!) family is the whole reason that the Pirates are perpetual losers and "paupers." Collectively, they have controlled the Pirates' board for years, but have left McClatchey as the front man. It turns out it's more profitable to run a shitty baseball team than a good one...and that's why the Pirates are so bad. BucooBlog reads the riot act.

-I have to say I was sad to see the Eagles lose this weekend, it was the first time I ever cared about them and probably the last time I ever will. It was a very un-Philly-like ride the last half of the season, very little knee-jerk fatalism, an actual light-hearted sense of anticipation, not to mention slightly reduced levels of racism regarding Donovan McNabb.

-Speaking of Medusa, peep them flicks.

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