Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Moose Pelican, MD- Private Eye

For starters, a big middle finger goes out to blogger for being down all day. I don't have anything particularly profound to report, other than the fact that Moose Pelican, MD is my new bowling name and it works.

Internets is goin nuts:

-Sickamore of XXL gets into the non-existant now existant Darrent Williams discussion about race, poverty and sports. Dude takes a whole bunch of questionable swings at Page2's Jamele Hill aka "The Oreo Sports Writer" (his words) and accusations of Uncle Tommery fly around. Exciting stuff, name calling, the works. Hill's piece is included in that link.

-Joe McCarthy fetishist Sean Hannity is now annointing an "Enemy of the State" on his show. Below is Sean Penn, whose pedantic exploits are apparently enough to land him in Hannity's "Fair and Balanced" Siberian labor camp (spotted via TPMcafe):

-Jeff Weiss explains how you write a Lil' Wayne verse in 10 easy steps. Jeff apparently doesn't find Lil' Weezy nearly as funny as we do- I know my brain grinds to a halt any time I try to comprehend anything Weezy f. Baby. Noixe used to make a Lil' Wayne character in Tony Hawk 2- wearing two pairs of drawers. Sometimes you just gotta roll with the insanity. If you want a comprehensive understanding of our rap-dada worldview here at JS2000, look no further than Ultimate Sayin XVII.

-Should the NCAA lose it's tax exempt status? (Seen via the wizardofodds) I say hell yes, and I think anybody who watched the BCS championship would agree that this isn't rah-rah college sweater shit, it's business.

-Apropos of nothing: Baby mooses/meese. Be sure to peep the enormity of the adult moose- daaaaaaaaamn!

-Santorum has signed up with the religious conservative think tank, the Ethics and Public Policy Center. He is directing a program called "America's Enemies" (quite the theme today). Abortionists, democrats, activists, environmentalists, working women, book learned people, urbanites and Muslims, watch out!

-Meandering but entertaining piece on Straight Bangin about Pistol Pete, modern NBA style and the FreeDarko ethos.

Tiempos Extras:

-Len Pasquarelli, himself a kielbasa-eatin' yinzer accuses Cowher of being a "counterfeit 'Burgher." Absolutely rediculous. If Pasquarelli were right, would there be dozens of hagiographic comments on this architecture and real estate site which has photos of Bill Cowher's Raleigh house on it?!?!?!

-We just bombed Somalia. Fuckin great. Somalia is a really fun place for international conflict. Apparently we were going after the guys who bombed our embassies in Africa in the '90s. One can't help but wonder what our role was in the secular vs. Islamist conflict that just cooled off between factions in Ethiopia and Somalia. In 25 years, we're going to hear about all the totally insane shit the CIA has been doing since 9/11. Minds will get blown.

-Lastly, cats in Venezuela name their kids really crazy shit like Willderman, Darwin Lenin, Rosaherbalaif, Taj-Mahal Sánchez, Elvis Presley Gomez Morillo and the ever entertaining Hitler Eufemio Mayora. Word.