Friday, January 19, 2007

i'ma swell my town

Wiz Khalifa - Pittsburgh Sound (video)

When JJ put up the "Pop, Lock and Drop It" video, I spent like ten minutes trying to expain to my girl how great it is when there's a video filmed in your city. There's nothing representing my slice of StL in that video (although you can see my apartment in the "Air Force Ones" clip), but, y'know, reppin is a beautiful thing.

So I should probably show her the "Pittsburgh Sound" video, because it's damn beautiful, and it's so fucking Pittsburgh. The shots on the Mt. Washington overlook are CRUCIAL.

"Pittsburgh Sound" is also real Lone Catalysts. The sped-up soul is a little simple for J. Rawls, but the organs stabs are cool, and the track is on that meloncholy shit that so many pseudo-"conscious" underground rappers were flipping in '00 and '01. Right before "true school" got played out. And it might be because I spent all day listening to Divide and Conquer (WTK reminds me of Wiz), but Khalifa sounds great on this. "That's what I call a steel curtain." CHEAH!

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