Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hood so hard

People forget that Youngstown, Ohio is one of the gulliest cities in the country, even though Mo Clarrett isn't walking the streets. Ever since Lordstown GM assembly plant shut down (which I remember driving by on my way from Pittsburgh to Detroit as a kid), it's been tough(er) times. With Cleveland, Cinci and Youngstown all in the top 20 of gully burgs, it falls to Ray Cash and Fat Al to lift their people (Ohioans) out of the darkness.

[Post-Gazette: 4 murdered in Youngstown]
[CBS News: Gully cities, 2006]
[Ray Cash myspace]
[Fat Al myspace]
[Fat Al ft. Lil Wayne- Done Came Down (radio, zshare)]

P.S. Since when did Lil' Wayne get on some Fat Al shit? Turnpike represent.

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