Wednesday, January 31, 2007

disco bat-nose

wild times round herre. last weekend there was the OG P-Yinz party with them Broadzilla kids, but I didn't really get any good flix. I'll put em up anyways, but they're lackluster. stay tuned.

last wednesday I went and saw Clipse at the Bowery Ballroom. last time I saw them dudes, I wrote about how they were confused but invigorated by their hipster fanbase, and excited to see so many fans they probably didn't know they had. now, with the single and the album (and the inevitable backlash), they're back to just-some-dudes-rappin status. they brought out Roscoe P. Coldchain for "Chinese New Year" and dude was rockin an airbrushed Curtis Mayfield shirt. Pusha's chain was so icy I couldn't read it. I had a good deal of that motherfuckin Henny in me, so sorry if the recap is blurry.

a couple months removed from Hell Hath No Fury, I still think the album is damn good, but "Aint'cha" and "Ridin Around Shinin" are still the best jams on there, and I'd buy a Re-Up Gang full-length without hearing it.

after the Clipse show, I stumbled to the Mercury Lounge for Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. I don't think I'm their target audience.

-The Times on Barbaro
unfortunately this isn't just "HE WAS A FUCKING HORSE, GET OVER IT" in 50 pt. font.

-Wiley retires because there's no money in grime.
I guess this is a logical extension of the before-I-had-a-deal-I-three-wheeled-hundred-spokes mentality of the hustler-ternt-rapper or something, but this kind of sucks.

-Billy Dee Williams to appear on Lost 3.14
"This Soul-Glo was here before we were even on the island!"

-Techdirt rethinks the RIAA.
Dude's been killin it with his series of posts on the economics of the music industry's downfall.

-3xWes on Z-Trip
...who will be at Studio B on Saturday.

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