Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cats do the knowledge


- Gravy "Fuck the RIAA" (stream from XXL) Yes.

- Bobby Valentine, who has been managing baseball in Japan for the last several seasons writes a blog that has been fantastically strange, if not entertaining, for me over the last several months. It reads like he dictated it in English to a Japanese interpreter who then smoothed it over into cordial and polite Japanese with just a touch of humble deference...then the whole thing gets translated back to English and eventually makes Valentine sound like he's on tranquilizers. Each post is put up in English and Japanese. Oh yeah, and he likes to hang out with his friend Phil Collins. He also prints submissions of biographical sketches of people's pets.

-A rare photo of your favorite sports bloggers get drunk and looking terrible together: behold. Peep KSK to figure out who is who (Clue- none of them are us).

-19 US soldiers died yesterday. Recently we reported on the Iraqi civilian death toll from 2006, which was over 30,000. If you are pissed off, STOP BEING A WELL-BEHAVED PUSSY AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

-A big up to JS2000 compadre and my former DJ partner Burnso (before there was a Philadelphyinz, there was The Myron Cope Experience). He's getting hitched, which is in essence, a legal agreement that somebody has to tolerate his farts. This all but guarantees a tearful reunion for the Myron Cope Experience- we haven't played a set together since Hollertronix Halloween '05 (although some may remember my gully birthday).

-In a breaking internet development, DJ Stretch Armstrong of the old and legendary Stretch and Bobbito Garcia radio show on WKCR 89.9 FM has started writing a blog called KonstantKontakt. He reminisces about his days as a pivotal member of the 90s underground hip-hop scene and posts balls-out rediculous tapes from the show. He also drops various gems from his collection like old Rap-Attack radio appearances and all sorts of other rare material that gives me a lightheaded rush just thinking about the days when hip-hop offered so much promise. He is currently soliciting tapes that he doesn't have from the early days (1990-91) to try to compile a more complete digital archive. This is a must read and a must-listen.

-Lastly, thanks to everybody who came out this week to hear me spin at Paradise on Thursday and Tech Support last night...but stay tuned for the super-duper Philadelphyinz jumpoff at the Khyber on the 27th featuring the Broadzilla DJs- my old college get-drunk-and-wreck-shit fam. Peep dem flyer here.

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