Friday, January 19, 2007

Can't sleep, government will muffle me

What are right wingers doing now that they're on the defensive? Acting mad ignorant, what did you think? Let's look at the manuveuring steez of the anti-ignorance zeitgeists, cloak and dagger (dagger and dagger?), Obama and Colbert:

-Obama smeared by FoxNews, but not for being black. (thinkprogress.og)

-Speaking of Obama, peep his crisp David Tompson-esque fro and nickname "Barry" courtesy of Daily Kos. "We go play hoop." Word.

-Colbert Vs. O'Reilly: Round 1 and Round 2. (Quicktime links seen through Crooks & Liars)

-Dinesh D'Souza gets goaded by Stephen Colbert into wild accusations that liberals (including F.D.R.- Douglas MacArthur Rewind!!!!) are complicit or responsible for 9/11. D'Souza sort of makes up for it by looking like an elf. (

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