Monday, January 29, 2007

Buckle ya kneez

As John Lennon said:
Love Hyphy is real , real is love hyphy
Love Hyphy is feeling , feeling love hyphy
Love Hyphy is wanting to be loved hyphy
Now gas, brake, dip
It seems useless for me to explain our company line on Hyphy when Noixe Skinny already did so in an incomparable overview of the genre he did over at as part his review of the Hyphy Hitz comp. An excerpt is included below:
But between new words and new styles, northern Cali has always been a hotbed of innovation, but with little or no recognition. Maybe that’s why the hyphy movement feels less like a real scene and more like a marketing strategy, like E-40, San Quinn and Mistah F.A.B. had a symposium at the Fairfield Mall to decide on the trends that would dictate the next few years in the region. It’s possible they just put some ideas in a hat and went with the first 15 or so; how the hell else do you end up defining the wave of the future by dancing on top of your car wearing novelty oversized sunglasses and gold fronts? Hyphy definately has a sound—fast and clubby, built on synth licks—but it’s mostly about a littany of catchphrases. You can turn any verse into a hyphy magic by mentioning your scraper, stunner shades and/or going dumb. Yadadadamean?
Indeed. I've been having a hard time getting any hyphy outside of "Tell Me When to Go," "18 Dummy" and "Vans" to flow in my warm-up 105-115 BPM sets without shit completely putting the clamps on the vibe. One particularly conspicuous culprit, and perhaps quintessential opus by the Hyphy zeitgeist Mistah F.A.B. is "Ghost Ride It," which just came out in video form (as seen through Nation of Thizzlam and Still Listen to Gangsta Music:

As an aside, can anybody confirm that "Ghost Ride It" samples the Ray Parker Jr. Ghostbusters Theme and not "PopMuzik" by M AKA Robin Scott? I think Scott sued RPJ over the extreme similarities between the two.

Perhaps the surest sign Hyphy is either achieving a certain amount of acceptance or undergoing the transformation into an established stylistic base is Scweez's "Dumb Love" - an extended analogy comparing sex and various Hyphy behaviors (not including the oft-debated 19th element of Hyphy, "partying with E-40 in a Jabba The Hutt-stylee"). So Many Shrimp's Sergdun marvels at the heavy dumb petting and Beer and Rap provides an mp3. For me, two words come to mind: Power. Ballad. Sayin.

So, in conclusion, dumb dumb retarded spongebob gas brake stunna shades. Ghostride 1800 yellow bus.

P.S. The photo at the top comes from, which contains the following phrase: "The original thought of creating these [Spongebob] Rare Jordans was looked down upon by both Spongebob and Jordan Shoes lovers."