Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Breaking but unconfirmed news- RIP Disco D

I am catching reverberations in the internet echo chamber that Disco D has committed suicide. I am unsure if this is true and I have not seen it substantiated in any credible way. If it is true, This is quite sad. We (Philadelphyinz) played a show with him just a month ago and he was quite a nice guy. His set had like 30% overlap with mine, so it was also refreshing to see somebody on the same page playing old bass tracks and such. I kicked him off the decks for going over his set time.

We are waiting for somebody to confirm that these reports are incorrect- hit me off with a Mark Twain-style correction like "Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." I'm in the middle of working an edit of "Hug it Out" on my new tape, and I don't want to have to overdub no "Disco D, Rest in Peace" shit.

Low-beezy board: Disco D RIP

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Disco D's myspace

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