Friday, December 29, 2006

work with me not against me

...and we'll make mad dough.

lost somewhere in the ongoing debate about the god-given right to download music between self-important bloggers and extremely-bout-that-gwap record labels is the lowly dj. as one of the few pieces in the music promotion machine that has a legitimate and quantifiable need for free music, the dj has had to put up with a lot of shit to get the hot new digital joints.

so 64 oz. props go to the creators of set up to work in tandem with Serato, the site has its own format (.wl.mp3??) which plays low quality in mp3 players but plays like a 320 kbps mp3 in Serato. nice!

ok, I'm not gonna front like dj's like myself or anyone else have any real problems getting mp3's; we just download the shit like everyone else. but it seems wrong that the concern over downloading by the common folk puts the promo-minded dj at odds with the artists they seek to champion. this seems like a good way around that. even if the site's utility is largely symbolic, having the tracks centralized and available basically as needed is not. if dudes can post on SoulStrut during their sets (they can, and do), best believe they can also download the new Nas joint they neglected to load, should some cutie step up the dj booth requesting it.

(but, as with all other things dj-request-related, that only applies to cuties. dudes in striped shirts are still getting a smile and a nod.)


ps: the Flickr Tag Browser got the bloggers like That's That Shit!