Friday, December 01, 2006

Ultimate Sayin: Volume XVI

First Pat Boone went metal, now he's gone Van Impe. Tell me he isn't being impersonated by the "Wha' Happen?" guy.

After warning of the “new order of Armageddon,” [Boone] delineated his vision of the new revolution. Referring to the Supreme Court justices, he said, “We need a new Boston Tea Party, only this time let’s not waste good tea — let’s heap a bunch of black robes into the harbor. It won’t hurt the robes. They can swim out and they can re-enroll in Constitution 101.”
Finally, noting that there were songs written for the Army, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard, but none for the National Guard, Boone said he took the chore upon himself, penning “For Our Country: The Ballad of the National Guard.” He said, “Bruce Springsteen didn’t do it. Nelly, Eminem and Diddy and Piddy and Poopy and whoever the other rappers are didn’t — so I did.” And then he sang it.
Poopy. Nothing else I can say about that. That's why it's today's.....ULTIMATE SAYIN!!!!

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