Monday, December 11, 2006

This is your captain with no name speaking

The NFL, with all of its marketing savvy, must be trying to recapture the market they squandered after their myriad No-Fun-League crackdowns. In recent years they've gone to war on Wardrobe Malfunctions, Miscegenation in MNF Promos, Mick Jagger, Mimed Mooning, BALLINNNN and Chad Johnson. They've cow-towed to the red states recently, but the ungodly Dems are back in the game like Ron Isley. Commish Roger Goodell, heeding the signal is after the NFL's one-time core fanbase- dudes in lacy assless chaps.

That's why they have booked Prince to play the Super Bowl this year, according to ESPN.

Head intact?

If he plays Pussy Control, it'll pretty much make up for the Steelers missing the playoffs. Well, not really. By the way, don't make that Chapelle joke you're thinking of making.

[ESPN: Roger Goodell is no prostitute, he's the mayor of your brain]

P.S. Just to put a big steaming pile of dog poop on the bottom of this whopper of an exclamation point, here's an NPR interview from January, 2005 where Tipper Gore explains that Purple Rain kickstarted her "Take Away All of GW9K's Favorite Music" crusade. I wish Frank Zappa was around to cop some front row tix to XLI.