Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Stay tuned for the clang-alang-alang-lang

We've got our eyes on Harrisburg as the nepotistic handouts carefully weighed decisions about the fate of PA's slots licenses are due out any minute.

Soon we'll know about the fate of the Pittsburgh Penguins and the location of the newest Philly douchebag hotspots.

I sure hope the Penguins get the Pittsburgh license, but the decision to even give out slots licenses means we have lost any hope that we can fix the state's fiscal problems legitimately. I won't even touch the enabling effect slots parlors may have on Philly's before-lunch Xanax proclivities. Furthermore, anytime you give away lucrative and exclusive state contracts, you know what happens:

Cue Wizard of Oz flying monkey song

[SportsMontage: The Saga of the Penguin]
[ Philly slots Q&A]

Right about the time this got put up, PITG's North Side proposal was approved, goodbye Penguins, it's been good to know ya. It should be noted that the Penguins (and the Hill District) have been shit on many times before, so it's hard to say this is the "last straw." However, it seemed like the Penguins ownership and the NHL put all their Pittsburgh chips on the table for this deal.

Philly's licenses are going to Foxwoods and SugarHouse, who are building in South Philly (Columbus Ave.) and Fishtown (Delaware Ave.) respectively. If there's anything I know from doing construction in Philly, it's that somebody was gonna get their ass beat if they didn't hook up South Philly or Fishtown.