Thursday, December 07, 2006

the crossover

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Super secret indie rock jump-off. Don't tell anyone or random hyphy rappers might stop trying to be my MySpace friend.

I stepped out to The Mercury Lounge last night to check out Def Jux employee/MySpace Artist of the Day Casettes Won't Listen and ended up sticking around for the next two bands.

My witty one-liner about CWL was that dude wins the Most Improved Ratatat Clone award. When he sent me his demo last year, I dismissed it as uninspired Triton droppings, but he's stepped his game up quite a bit. His shit's a little more dynamic now, a little more adventurous with the song structures. My one complaint is still the drums, which are well-programmed, but could use a little variety beyond the stock settings. But, hey, I recently realized I judge a lot of producers entirely on their choice of snares, so maybe I'm biased.

The live show was decent. I never loved one-man shows, and though dude worked the keys, the decks and the guitar effectively (singing too), he could have used a frontman and a drummer to make things a little more interesting. I felt the same way about RJD2's last round of touring before he went all indie rock. Bisc1 stepped up to spit for a few tracks. He was ok, but I got doubts about anyone that says "rhyme scheme in the atmosphere." At least he didn't put AIDS in the weed.

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Band #2 was Tiger City. I like Andy Gibb but I don't like The Cure, so I was only feeling about 75% of their set. But they're very good at what they do. And probably have some tracks worthy of playing out.

Band #3 was The White Rabbits. There's a thin line between sounding like Tom Waits and sounding like Barenaked Ladies. But I can't front, there are some jams here. Anyways, big energy, newsboy hats and lots of percussion are a good combo. Also "Maggie's Farm" covers are good looks.

Band #4 was The Grates. A British Australian chick with braces jumping around the stage dressed like Cyndi Lauper? Hell naw. So I left.

And then I listened to the new Jeezy all the way home.

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