Wednesday, December 06, 2006

the count

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Dispatches from the internet.

-The Wire's David Simon interviewed in Slate.
I've seen exactly three episodes of the show (the first one and the last two, bizarrely including the unaired season finale), but this interview's still interesting. Having watched a ward in north St. Louis elect a septagenerial alderman after promising, in a public forum, that new development (for which he had absolutely no plan or proposal) would bring "eight kinds of hot dogs" and a "new fried-chicken spot" to the local main strip, I'm intriguied by the show's impending take on hopeless mid-sized city politics.

-ESPN asks what if the BCS ran the NFL?
With 32 teams instead of 119, a statistical method for determining the championship contenders makes a lot more sense. It would also cut out all that tedious drama, excitement and collapses that we all hate about the NFL playoffs. The BCS reminds me of the twilight of Communism; everyone but the winners agree that the system is unfair, and nobody has a plan that resembles anything but rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

-Brooklyn gets some subway love.
Park Slope residents now have a one-train ride to Williamsburg. Seeing as how Park Slope is all lesbian mothers, and Bedford-area Williamsburg is turning into an extension of douchebag-filled Union Square, this is about, oh, three years too late. Just sayin.

-College is a scam.
Seriously, how long will it be before you're just better off with $150,000 than a college education?

-Sunset Parker warns of the Brighton Beach robot invasion.

-San Francisco deads cookie-scented bus stops.