Friday, December 01, 2006

But did the CIA put it in the weed?

Queen- substantially better than hymns

In honor of World AIDS Day (which should be every day, but is actually today, December 1st), organized homophobes Christian conservative leaders are fussin' that they are not the focus of federal monies from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS. This from the Boston Globe:
"There's cancer in the fund," said Peter L. Brandt, senior director of government and public policy at the Christian group Focus on the Family. "It does such an unbelievable job in discriminating against faith-based organizations."

I hate to break it to Mr. Brandt, but when you represent an organization that sees homosexuals not as a population but as a group of operatives in a vast, subversive, sodomite cultural conspiracy, you effectively disqualify yourself from being contracted to run point in the global war on AIDS. Giving Focus on the Family a hand in the Global Fund to Fight AIDS would be like asking Henry the VIII to run a state-mandated marriage counseling service.

The Family Research Council, an allied organization founded by Focus on the Family chief James Dobson opposes a vaccine for HPV, a virus that causes cervical cancer (cervical cancer!) because such a vaccine will promote premarital sex by, I dunno, keeping you alive in order to have sex in the first place? Does sex have to be deathly dangerous in order to highlight its filthyness? I think the best way to keep from getting esophogal cancer is to not eat.

You know what, it's not worth reporting how bonkers the Christian right is, everybody knows. Also, I think Americans have a decent awareness of the severity of the AIDS problem. I also don't think that many Africans read this blog. So, in conclusion, the Christian Right can go fuck itself, and let's get rid of AIDS.