Friday, December 15, 2006

4th wind

a quick ranking of high profile 4th quarter rap releases
(and some notes)

1) project pat - crook by the book
read my thoughts at Gat.

2) clipse - hell hath no fury
you know what this album was missing? more sandman and ab-liva. what do you think your average pitchfork writer would do if he found out joanna newsome played the harp in "ridin around shinin"?

3) z-ro - i'm still livin
peep the video for "no help" over at Oh Word.

4) ghostface and friends - more fish
only "greedy bitches" and a few others are essential, but check it out anyways. give shawn wigs his money!

quick thought: there are like 4 distinct types of ghostface tracks.
-ghost rips crime shit and trife spits the hook
-ghost and trife rip crime shit and ghost sings the hook
-ghost tells a story and there is no hook
-ghost and raekwon tell a story and ghost yells in the outro

5) snoop dogg - the blue carpet treatment
if you can't get down with this album, you either don't really like rap, don't like having fun or you lost money investing in doggyfizzle televizzle. I guess you get a pass if you're suge knight or a woman.

6) nas - hip-hop is dead
surprisingly good, but uncohesive and a little annoying at times. not surprising that the "how quick can you quote a rakim line" and the "wonder if langston hughes got blunted before telling stories" are coming up in all kinds of reviews, as they pretty much epitomize nas's 10th grade rap/black historian persona that brings him down. much brighter, full review coming in print at a later date.

also: glad to see he patched things up with jeezy, although putting them on the same track would be disaster.

7) young jeezy - the inspiration
beats! "hypnotize": futuristic d-boys get laser blasts to the grill in a turf war on mars in 2078. "what you talkin bout": the runners produce the entire track on miami beach with extension cords running several miles all the way back to dj nasty's studio. "bury me a g": in 10 years, hov uses his fortune to obtain a time machine. he decides to go back and release the blueprint 3 for his comeback. he scoops this beat from jeezy for his first session.

8) jay-z - kingdom come
dude had the ill commercial, i will give him that much. even if the "plans for his team" are the much maligned atlantic yards project. just sayin.

9) the game - doctor's advocate
you know those photomontages that you and all your friends would buy ad space for in the back of the yearbook senior year? with shots of all your drunk asses in the woods, and your running jokes printed out and intricately glued in the background? listening to the game is the audio equivalent of one of those for the last decade in rap. and those seemed SO COOL when they hit the paper too, but a decade later, you can't even remember what "the microwave" was and the whole thing just looks self-important and a little silly.