Thursday, November 30, 2006

Weather underground

Three 6 Mafia, in an admirable show of artistic integrity, has settled out of court (essentially saying "Yeah, you're right) with a teenager from McKeesport. The plaintiff was apparently upset that he had his ass beat by audience members during a performance of "Let's Start A Riot."

As somebody who values personal responsibility, I think he shouldn't have made the mistake of standing "in this bitch" and/or "in this ho" under those circumstances. However, we live in a litigious society. This is a society where getting your fucking face stomped by a whole bunch of pissed off motherfuckers while some gully fools from Memphis perform a song about a mob up and completely putting a foot in your ass because you're a sorry ass litte bitch, that's the kind of thing can get you sued nowadays. Punk ass bitch.

But, like I said, kudos to Three 6 Mafia for not shying away from the fact that the song is about whipping your motherfucking ass in this bitch, and isn't in fact a metaphor for anything else. Most people softball that in a real Fear of a Black Hat kind of way like "Political Unrest Stabilizes Society- Yeah!- P.U.S.S.Y. youknowwhatimsayin?" Not the Three 6, they will hit you with a bat and mean it, artistically.

As an aside, that might be my favorite song on that album.

[Post-Gazette: Hey man, why's there a motherfuckin riot in this ho?]

P.S. Did I mention that there are some biters out there on the internets, swagger jacking our valiant anti-heroes?