Sunday, November 05, 2006

Super bols

Only four teams have made the NFL playoffs after a start of 2-5 or worse. But remember, only one team has won the Super Bowl as a 6 seed. I'm not saying the playoffs are in the cards. I'm. Just. Sayin.

Anybody calling for Chazzie Batch is completely insane. The Steelers fan pathology I loathe most is the knee jerk "bench-the-QB" reaction. Terry Bradshaw, winner of four Super Bowls, was so disgusted with the way he went out that he spent twenty years pretending he never put on the B&G. And let's not forget the Mike Tomczak/Kordell Whatshisname revolving door. If he doesn't become a brain damaged vegetable, BB7 is going to be running this squad for another 6 to 10 odd years- long after you've choked to death on a kielbasa in the Heinz Field parking lot... unless of course he gets benched, disgruntled and released after a handful of unfortunate games.

The 2006 season is likely lost, save a miraculous rally. Let's not hijack 2007.

But hold up, does Evgeni Malkin know how to read a Cover 2?

[Trib: Role model time- it's the 1990 Saints!]