Friday, November 17, 2006

Of fraggles and doozers

As many of you may already know, legendary University of Michigan football coach, U of M AD and former Detroit Tigers president Bo Schembechler died late this morning. We try to make a point of avoiding "news" coverage here at JS2000, so we'll leave the reporting at that.

The fact that Bo Schembechler died on the eve of a surely memorable chapter in UM-OSU lore is both sad and poignant, but it has brought out a softer side of the Rivalry which, up until now, had received attention only for its ferocity. Much like the Christmas Truce of 1914, both sides have emerged from their shell-pocked trenches and exchanged gestures of respect, sympathy and cameraderie. The comments section of the highly partisan Columbus Dispatch is full of heartfelt thank-yous for battles, won or lost. Even the hardest and most soldierly recognize the importance of the enemy as the demagogue's muse.

I was rather young when Schembechler stopped coaching the Wolverines, but I will always remember eating an entire bag of Fritos during the 1989 Rose Bowl (his last game as coach) and throwing up all over the bathroom floor. Bo Schembechler, one more departure from the generation of hard-assed sons of a bitches, molders of men of character.

[Columbus Dispatch: OSU fans say Schembechler sippin God-juice with Woody now]