Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Jumpin Levan's ghost!

News item: Tonight's HumpDay Party at 409 is apparently cancelled.

But tomorrow, Novermber 30th, the killer string of guests streaming through the Paradise Garage night at Key West...Optimo, Dave's about to get a special Philadelphyinz edition of Paradise featuring DJ Apt One and the dependably badass Mike T. Be prepared for funky disco, electro disco, italo, chi-house, ghettotech and everything in between at the only bar in Philly with a fully mirrored dancefloor, fog machines and bangin light displays.

In other news...

-When the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News strike, don't buy the scab paper, or Jack London, Billy Bragg, Woody Guthrie and Caesar Chavez will come back from the dead and cut you up. Oh wait, Billy Bragg's not dead, he's just passed out.(Phawker)
Update: Union will be starting competing paper on the internets.

-Alias Philly bols Brendan B and Mike make silly business in Black Card's Dip Dip Fall Back video. (Seen via The Fader)

-Apropos of reppin' Tragos...Slate's Diane McWhorter scares the shit out of me by providing all the legislative analogs between the early, democratic phases of German Nazification and the terror war initiatives of the Bush White House. For example: Blitz vs. Shock and Awe, Dissolving the Reichstag vs. Gaining Presidential War Powers. The parallels aren't always ironclad, and analogy is not a true form of logic, but she does note just how slowly and incrementally Nazification actually happened. That's the frightening part.(Slate)

-Ian Cohen makes the equivalent of a conjugal visit to SexyResults- just long enough to take a shot at Joanna Newsom for spelling fairy with an -ie. And maybe a ph-. Phairie. Chill out Ian, she's from M. Night Sayindawg's The Village. Also, a classic meandering rant about the Clipse etc.,(Sexy Results)