Friday, November 03, 2006

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First and foremost, I'm not up on the forefront of the indie rock war, so I haven't been skipping work and staying up until 6 in the morning to soak up all the CMJ-related goodness that this city might have to offer. It's a given that I'm gonna go see Clipse and Trae tomorrow night, but I'd like to also announce my proud endorsement of tonight's Product Shop NYC showcase, featuring The Thermals.

I whole heartedly fucks with The Thermals, and their secret blend of existential pop-punk. Their new album, The Body, The Blood, The Machine brings the political outrage without the self-righteousness. It's easy to process lyrics like "our power doesn't run on nothing / it runs on blood / and blood is easy to attain / when you have no shame," but these dudes have been much less blatant for the rest of their career, so the rapid shift to Tom Tomorrow-style cheap shots isn't particularly annoying. Entirely worth you time and your money.


The always admirable dudes DJ Ayres and Cosmo Baker have blessed the #1 Patron of Underground Rap with a promo mix. Award Tour has Grandmaster Caz shouting out Scion, Jim Jones shouting out Scion, and P-Thugg from Chromeo shouting out Scion (through a vocoder). Cosmo and Ayres cram a lot of styles into one disc and their short attention span gets a little annoying, but their selection is, as always, top-notch. And I'm wholeheartedly down with anything that includes Spankrock's "Chilly Will". The damn mix is free, so when you pick up the absolutely essential Bamabounce 12" from The Ayres store, you'll get it anyways. Aight?


It's pretty rare that I'll get so excited about something that I'd write about it without even hearing it, but this new B.Cause and Max Kane tape is a sure shot. B.Cause has been leaking these weird one-off super-nuanced blends to the internets for a minute now, and they absolutely kill shit. Too advanced to be dismissed as blends, but too simple (in a good way) to be remixes, has been hitting that sweet spot for DJ production which lazy-ass Laffy-Taffy-over-some-other-beat dudes wish they could find. Him and Ross Hogg are also responsible for the absolutely necessary Slump and Grind tapes, for us Bay-loving carpetbaggeurs, so anything he does is worth a look in my book.


I been putting in work elsewhere, so please check my thoughts on the Juggaknots' Use Your Confusion, J.R. Writer's History in the Making, and the poorly-named Underground Hip-Hop Vol. 4.


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