Tuesday, November 14, 2006

First day on the Somme

Jay-Z is getting absolutely fucking slaughtered out there today. (Get it? First day on the Somme? Look it up.) But seriously, Kingdom Come is getting completely torn to pieces by anybody who has heard it. Principal complaints: beats suck, raps suck. Ouch. Secondary complaints: Jay-Z is rich and out of touch (as Jeff says, "socialite rap"), Jigga is so old that he's irrelevant. Tertiary complaints: The album seems to be the result of a market analysis, focus groups and board meetings. Without even hearing it, I can see the producer-and-guest-driven hubris behind this. Storch, Pharrell, Just Blaze, Chris Martin (?) etc etc- of course it'll sell. Motherfuckers are feeling insulted.

Here's a rundown:
Sickamore (XXL)- "Young Hov's Midlife Crisis"

Byron Crawford (byroncrawford.com) - "Self-congratulatory claptrap about how successful he is..."

Passion of the Weiss- "Ya Boy is Wack"

So, as you can see, bloggers no like. This probably won't be a strong predictor of success, despite the increasing pop savvyness of the internet literati. I think Jay's rep will carry some strong early sales and any single that uses a "Superfreak" sample is going to move units (how many dumb obvious Puff samples have taken tracks gold?). Besides, it's a singles world, albums are just living in it.

Keep an eye out for noixe's review of Kingdom Come in the upcoming issue of the Riverfront Times in STL. The line in Vegas is 3:1 that he hates it.

P.S. Don't forget about his new mix.