Monday, November 13, 2006

A crack block is where you turn and crack the guy

-I have to offer a semi-apology to Bucco Blog for introducing them as totally insane by virtue of their support for a Luis Gonzalez signing by the Pirates. I still think that it would be stupid to sign Gonzalez, but I would also like to point out that Bucco Blog is by far the most in depth SABRmetric resource for Pirates fans. As we are getting comfortable and in position for our annual winter bedsores, they are getting busy over there talking about Jose Castillo's zone rating. Damn.

-If you ain't heard yet...Nas feat. Jay-Z, "Black Republicans." Yeah. I have no speakers in right now, so I can only leave it to you, the reader to enjoy the quixotic brilliance that may be contained therein. Links and various tidbits from people who have actually listened to the song are available from The Rap Up, and Notes From a Different Kitchen.

If I'm gonna jock Bucco Blog, I might as well jock DiffKitch too. Guaranteed like 3 posts a day. Quality.

-The Steelers won yesterday. I didn't watch because it wasn't on where I live. I think it was probably better that way.

-Good blog about the planning and policy of the 215 jungle called Skyline Online...Not to leave out one of my longtime favorite Philly photoblogs, PhillySkyline. Check out the photoessay about everybody's favorite creepy landmark of historical and economic metaphoric significance- The Divine Lorraine Hotel and it's restoration and its pre-restoration creepiness.

-I know everybody's asshole still hurts from CMJ, but seriously, fuck you New York, pay me (December 8th is your chance). Sometimes, I wish Gerard were physically violent instead of pussing out at the critical hater moments. Gerard, you my dawg (wolverine?), but enough hedging on the hating.

-Speaking of Wolverines, it's the biggest version of The Game (no, not that Game) since the Buckeyes won their last national championship (on some bullshit pass interference, but whatever). I'm going to just declare right now that I am a devout U of M partisan, and you should not regard my comments as neutral or reasoned unless you catch a "but seriously" in there. Anyway, fuck Ohio State, but check this out:

That, my friends, is the band the Dead Schembechlers. They all dress like Woody Hayes. They have declared this to be "Constant Hate Week" and they are staging rallies where they sing many of their hits, such as "Ann Arbor Girls are Dirty Whores," "Chad Henne is a Motherfucking Joke," "Michigan Stadium is a Pile of Shit" and my personal favorite, "Muck Fichigan." Apparently, Bo knows about all this and had a "holy smokes" to add. Bo also knows about steakhouses. I know I'm a little late to make note of this, but there's really nothing else I can add. Damn.

[Dead Schembechlers myspace (for entertainment purposes only)]
[Cleveland Plain Dealer: Bo Schembechler confronts punk music, leaves befuddled]