Wednesday, October 04, 2006

where they at: season 3

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Speaking of 'Lost'...

As if the corporate promotional tie-ins needed to remind you, the third season of Lost starts tonight.

Season 1's big "what's down there?" cliffhanger was a little more chilly than season 2's barrage of questions. I'm pretty curious as to why the sky turned purple, whether Desmond, Eko and Locke are alive, whether Michael's going to come back, and what the Others are going to do to Sawyer, Jack and sweet sweet Kate. But the final scene on Ice Station Zebra, with the Portuguese chess players and Penelope Widmore, though entirely incongruous with the rest of the show and, therefore, intriguing as hell, wasn't nearly as compelling as following camera down into the Unknown of the hatch. Just sayin.

But that being said, there's still plenty to untangle even as more of the plot gets fleshed out, and leaks from the writers seem to indicate there will be lots of answers and many more questions in the first episode alone. The first six episodes of the season will throw everybody for a loop, so I am intrigued. The best thing about the return of Lost is the return of Flight 815, probably the only Lost-centric blog that made this joke. And I'm with them on the Evil Jack theory.

Bonus secret gleaned from the obsessives at the (semi)-Official Lost Forums: HDTV analysis of season 2 revealed that the balloon in which the original Henry Gale crashed said WIDMORE on it. Like Penelope Widmore.

After Lost is the promising The Nine, and I will be watching that too.

And yeah, speaking of lost, what's up with the Twins? Even Boof Bonser, your beezy and mine, couldn't do nothing. Torii missing a dive? Come on dudes! REP MINNESOTA RIGHT.

I got to enjoy the game on's brand new Gameday. I'm not the biggest baseball nerd, so the extra details are pretty extraneous to me. But I always liked Gameday a lot, and I'm sure the 3/4 view (batter or pitcher!), release points and detailed pitch location history will make some people very happy. The new layout is prettier, but not much more or less helpful. Honestly, I'm just content to have it run well, which it always did, but things have a way of getting a lot worse when they get "better," and I was expecting big delays from the new interface (see: Game Channel for football on Yahoo!'s like screwed up football). One thumb up for not fucking up a good thing.