Tuesday, October 03, 2006

they don't know

If ESPN.com is taking a turn towards the urban, as some noted (and which would be the smart move), DJ Gallo should start printing some resumes.

"Starting strong safety Terrence Kiel was arrested on felony drug charges last week and wasn't in the lineup -- which is a shame, because I would have loved to see Kiel put a big hit on Ravens running back Jamal Lewis in the open field. Would a collision between the two have kicked up a giant cloud of white powder? Would money have been exchanged? Cell phone numbers? Sadly, we -- and federal drug agents -- will never know."

He really said that.

Terrance Kiel's possession of That Drank was a gift to the sports/rap blog contingent, possibly an NFL-orchestrated wink to get us smarmy sumbitches paying attention again after last Monday's cultural disaster. The hits better keep on coming (Matt Leinart Capo Status?) because lord knows you can't rely on corny ass Page 2 anymore for that witty commentary. Man cannot live by Deadspin alone.